The software has these fantastic features.

  • Customer Management

    You can manage your customers easily, you can add all information about the customers including photos.
  • Customer Account Details

    You can see the account details of the customers, the total payment received and total balance etc. This will give you overall status of the customers.
  • Payment Receiving

    You can manage entries of the receiving of the customers, you can print invoice for each receiving.
  • Site Stocks

    You can manage the stocks of your property, you can know the number of sold and unsold properties easily.
  • SMS Alert System

    You can send sms to the customers from the software itself, and this software can send reminder sms to the customers before 7 days of EMI date every month.
  • Site Management

    You can manage your sites or the flats you sale, You can see the overall status of the site at any time.
  • Staff Management

    You can manage your staffs from this software, You can add the basic information of each your staff.
  • Software Security

    Software is secured by username/password, So nobody can direct open this software without login details.
  • Data Backups

    You can download the backup of your important data at any time so that you can get all your records in case of any hardware or software failure.
  • Branding

    You can personalise the invoice page or report card of the customers by changing your company information such as company name, contact details, logo and address etcs.
  • Easy Installation

    We will install this software and setup everything on your computer using remote login softwares such as teamviewer or google remote desktop.
  • Fantastic Support

    You can send your problem or you can ask any question inside from the software itself. You will get the help videos there to know about the specific things.